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Wednesday night

My bestie Ann came over to Mema's last night and we had our very own little bible study! It was fun and blessed. God is good all the time and I am thankful for my Godly friends. Mema enjoyed it too as well as Ann's little toot Natalie. It was a sweet time of devotion, singing psalms, and prayer. I also showed them my garden and was priviledged to share a pumpkin plant and a morning glory sprout with Ann that I grew from seed. I am glad she came to see us. We also received a phone call that Tiffany was in labor!


Busy Much?! Muey Mucho!!

Last week was so full of events that it is Monday of this week and I am just now posting. I go to a church that loves to have revival. We had prayer meeting last Monday...... On Tuesday I went to see Carrie Underwood at the Tallahassee civic center which was fantastic fun! I made the trip with Tonya ( a long time friend, I used to be her nanny but in the process we became family and now we're practically sisters) and Dianne, another good friend and co-worker. Craig Morgan and Sons of Sylvia were good opening performances but Carrie rocked!!
I did however get a text during the concert that Mema Joyce had fallen and broke her shoulder. It made me sad but, I was assured everything was fineand with such a busy week ahead I could only check on Mema Joyce over the phone until things calmed down. Wednesday night was back to church for the beginning of our meeting with Elder Stephen Bloyd. He did an amazing job and we truly had a spirit filled sermon! Thursday night was back to church again except I was running so late I just decided not to go. It was also my brother and Tonya's brother Eric's birthday. I delivered a wedding present, a graduation present and then went to Applebee's for dinner for Eric's birthday. None of it was planned but it turned out right nice. Friday was back to church and this time I made it. I just forgot my purse. Not a good feeling. I spent the night with the Tucker's, we stayed up late talking and hanging out and doing facials and we went to church again Saturday morning. The whole time truly was a blessing. I then drove home and messed around in my garden a while then our whole family went out to LongHorn's for Elzie's(my baby brother below with me) 24th birthday.
It was fun since we haven't all went out together in a long time.
Sunday Morning after church we all went to Leticia and Blaines....
(my sister and her husband)
home on their farm for a wonderful home cooked meal of baked ham,cream corn, peas, macaroni and cheese and rolls. We had peach ice cream for dessert. We ate on the newlyweds china which was beautiful andmade it feel more special!! Believe it or not Blaine was the main chef and it was DELICIOUS!! I loved spending time with my family over the weekend. It was nice to stop and smell the roses.
Later that afternoon me and mama took a trip to get some picture frames and stopped to pick some cosmos along the way.

We visited her mama which is my mema Lessie and then we came home. Once we got home I packed my bags and headed to Mema Joyce's with this book I got earlier that day on the frame run.....................
Since Mema Joyce is all bummed out with her shoulder broke, I plan on spending the next few weeks with her and am reading this book aloud at night. Last night was our first night but so far it is really good and I can't wait to read some more tonight! It was nice to be able to calm down and finally spend some time in the sweet peace of Mema's home after such a busy week. I suspect with my staying with her things will slow down a bit for me, which I will enjoy. I am also listening to " To Kill A Mockingbird" Book on CD in my car. Since I am a busy girl it has been a real treat to get back in the car often knowing it is also story time as well as errand time. . Oh and one more thing this picture below was in my inbox when I checked my email today
My cousin Tiffany and her husband Olivier are expecting a new little boy any day now and we can not wait!!! Look at that belly! WOOOHOOO!
Ok so I still haven't updated on my garden but this morning when I stopped by on my way to work the squash blooms were open and beautiful, strawberries are intriguing, flowers are sprouting everywhere and little tomatoes are weighing down the plant so it is coming along just fine....Oh I have lettuce that needs munching on too! God's creation is amazing!!
P.S. I came up with a new Take Time Thursday event for the ladies in my family to have and sent out letters to all the girlies today! please Pray it will work out and bring us closer together! 



A few posts ago when I returned from Wanee....

which is where the Lord gave me this scripture here and I stopped by the little white church on my way home, I mentioned the busy week ahead of me, which is what I would like to catch you up on. Sunday night I went to Eureka. Monday I worked and that night I rested. Tuesday, work again and that night I started on my Laundry. Wednesday I got my oil changed and my service engine soon light stayed on for 5 more days. Thursday I worked then went home and made Jordan's birthday cake ........
Friday I worked, delivered Jo's cake and then finished 2 flip flop cakes and a luau cake and delivered them.
I will post more pics of the cakes soon! I woke up Sunday morning and made Katelyn's birthday cake before a wonderful Sunday morning service followed by a  fabulous lunch. I then drove to Valdosta for Katelyn's 3rd birthday party! Katelyn's parents and I met in college and have been friends since. I haven't missed one of her birthdays yet. Isn't she and the whole family beautiful.
The rest of the week was pretty laid back, back to normal tending to the garden, (which will be updated soon) until the end when I had to make a wedding cake which made for a busy weekend. It didn't turn out quite like planned but the bride was happy so I was ok.

Daddy was cooking with the grilling team that Saturday and so, he smoked some boston butt and chicken for me to take to the Tuckers'. I don't know if I have mentioned them in my blog yet but they are my preacher's family whom I have become very close to and love very much. I have been blessed with a lot of friends and families in my life and suspect that they will all pop up sooner or later! Below is a picture of some of the Tucker's on a past adventure we took at ole' Sister Jenny's.

A made day!

Sometimes surprises just make my day! I tried posting this last week but I crashed so here it goes again! I was running in and out of my office very busily last Wednesday and just so happened to catch my phone was Laura (a forever friend from high school). Thank goodness she tried more than once! She was downstairs when she called  b/c Owen (her newborn) had an appointment and was making her final attempt to contact me when I ran in and caught the phone. I ran downstairs, snuggled with the little man and we had lunch. It was a great surprise! needless to say we got lots of attention due to the baby!! Isn't he just precious??!! Thanks Laura for thinking of me while running your errands....

The pictures are sweet and here is the link for the photographer!


The little white Church on the side of my roadtrip

Just thought I would share my story about stopping for church on the way home.......

I was meditating while I was driving home sunday and evangelism was on my heart. I passed a little church just outside of the park and felt the tug to stop and attend service, all this while missions was on my heart, I looked at the clock and the long line of cars behind me and drove on. The whole time I was driving I kept thinking about why I hadn't stopped, it was bothering me and in the meantime I was praising God with K-Love and my windows rolled down. A big smiling passenger drove by me and hung out the window clapping at one point!! It made me feel groovy! I got off  I-75 in Valdosta and stopped by The Adkins' to visit but no one was home, so I kept going, I was driving on hwy 133 when I passed a little white church, thought about it, looked at the clock, slammed on brakes, did a U-turn and joined them for sunday morning service ( I wasn't willing to pass up the oppurtunity twice), looking like a dirty hippie, and just in time for meet and greet! WOOHOO... I sat in the very far corner on the last row and most of the congregation still found me and they were all very warm, giving concerned hugs, and welcoming hand shakes and when they made it back to their pews for the service everyone seemed to be good at using their peripheral vision and those who weren't had the don't make it obvious glance down pat!! They finally turned around to look at the preacher and I reached in my little bag and put on a little incense oil...just in case I smelled funny to them (and then thought Oh No! there is no telling what they're gonna think now cause I have broke out the oil), then we sang a hymn and I sounded like I was REALLY LOUD in comparison to the congregation AND the piano... then guess what?! They did a presentation with testimonies from a mission team that just got back from MEXICO!!! Isn't God amazing? Missions was on my heart and lo and behold the whole service was devoted to testimonies from a mission team with a slide show of God's beautiful children to boot!! I was very pleased with what the Lord showed me and there were great notes to take. I snuck out of the back door when the service was over because I didn't want everyone to have deal with my shaking my dirty hands but I was very blessed!!


Just a little taste of what's to come.....

It's been a really busy week since I got back from camping Sunday but, I promise there is more to come. I had a really great time, have some cool stories to tell. I stopped and had church with a little baptist church on the way home from the river, went to Eureka that night though and it was good. I came home to new sprouts and a dry garden with lots of little weeds trying to come up. I fertilized my garden, layed down newspaper , mulched and watered it. I have 3 birthday cakes to make this week and one of them is huge!! I also purchased some really cute fabric to make a baby dress for one friend and a skirt for the other and my check engine soon light is on in my car and I am scared to drive it not to mention the tires need to be rotated bc of all my roadtrippin'!! I have a wedding cake to make next weekend and the week after that I am going to see Carrie Underwood in concert!!! needless to say I am a busy girl right now but I am not giving up on this blogging thing.........oh yeah and I work full time
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